A brood no more

Once upon a time,
I would sit in a mood
Pondering the injustices of self
Why me?
Would i ask, to go unanswered

Once in those times
Such problems, i would brood
Wondering would i rise above?
Or remain drowned for good

So long fallen
Now the rising continues
And no more dark brooding
To rise for good

By Jonathan


Breath of air, beauty

From the past it rises
Out of the light
And into the darkness
My life that had a purpose

The beauty of the dark
Has welcomed itself back
And with opened arms, i embrace
And walk hand in hand, as if in a park

Breathing in the familiar scent
Deep breaths, fill my heart
With the beauty of the darkness
I let the dark ascend

By jonathan

Dark side of mind

Events have shaped
This once troubled mind
Now dark again
Once upon a time, darkness abounded
Subsided, and the calm happiness

Events have changed
This mind, now troubled
To the dark, instead
No more calm, and the happiness
Is now gone, dirt being heaved
Heaved upon, the good heart

Events took the good heart
Wrenched from the chest
Cast into the grave
Now buried, and dead

In the place of once kind heart
Now resides, a shadow
The gloom, the dread, the untrust
Of all things around
Cloak of darkness, entombing this soul

The good that once stood
Now fades
The happiness, stolen!
The dark of this ones, mind
Now remains….

By jonathan

To begin again?

Since the waves of emotions, has hit
Do i dare, start a new chapter?
Or wallow in grief, drown in it…

To begin again, such a tremendous thing…
Hoping against all hope
What a new joy, may bring…

I ponder this question
With such a shattered spirit
Why should i start again?

Instead i ask myself
Will i let the fragments of self
Wander through the times
To wallow in the untrust of love

To begin again?
To try and trust, what does not
Seem to exist to me

To begin again?
Not so soon or to the future
Shall i begin again….

Possibly. …

By jonathan

And thus, loves end

She said, “I love you, but I am not in love with you, anymore”
And i am devastated, my heart left to the emptiness of the cold void
She was everything to me, connected by two spirits, now broken
And thus my heart is shattered
Thus that love, what was all to me
Is no longer
Thus, this love, ends….

By jonathan

Not alone, but alone

Here i am on a Saturday evening
As it grows darker and the night time
Comes on, i sit here alone…
And thoughts fly to everything, i can think of…
I am not alone, for i have my lady
Only thousands of miles away
Soon i begin the phase of being with her, completely and utterly.
But in the meantime, i am still lonely
Perhaps its just my longing for the eventual loving of her grace…of course it is, but still…i am sitting here, alone.
Not a friend, if one could call them that, are anywhere to be seen.
Not a call to see if i am alright
Or even to see if, i am not at all ok
Night time and its d
ark outside
And darker within.

By jonathan


Risen from the long slumber
Awakened at last, bleary eyes focus
And everything is clear in its  path
Cracking of long dormant bones
The flexing of long slept muscles
Sneering at the world of concrete and humanity…
Forth it moves, to destroy and bring
Balance once more…
The mortals now see, their own destiny
Come to pass…
This beast of legend, brings Humanities obliteration at long last

By jonathan